TIAM: It All Comes Down To 2 States, Curiosity Is On Mars & The Summer Games ContinueHow Barack Obama can be re-elected. Mars has a new visitor and the summer games continue in London.
TIAM: Chinese Auto Parts & The GOP Race ContinuesThe Chinese auto industry. CBS' Peter King.
TIAM: Newt Vs. Mitt (Again), The Castle Doctrine & Fixing The SchoolsPeter King of CBS on the Florida primary. We look at the Castle Doctrine and Phil Brooks explained how the legislature wants to fix the Kansas City and St. Louis Schools.
TIAM: What Will The Fed Do This Week? And We're Off To Florida & Tracking Serial KillersForget the President and Congress. What will the Fed do this week? The Newt & Mitt show heads to Florida. Meet M. William Phelps. He's tracking serial killers.
TIAM: Raising Tobacco Taxes, Falling Satellite, Joplin Revisited, Testosterone & Pixar's Bill JoyceTobacco taxes and the American Cancer Society. A satellite is going to fall to earth. We head back to Joplin. Testosterone and you. Pixar's Bill Joyce
TIAM: Save $, 9-11 Responders & NASA Heads Back To The MoonClark Howard taught us how to save money. Medical effects on 9-11 responders and survivors. NASA is sending a rocket to the moon.
Total Information AM - Wednesday, March 30thSea World is bringing Tilikum the killer whale back into their daily shows. CBS' Peter King spoke with us about that. Canada geese can be pretty nasty, especially when nesting. Charles Hubbard had some thoughts on how to handle them. We found out how to safe your digital memories when we talked to Dr. Kai Pommerenke of Chronicle of Life and legendary B-Movie director Roger Corman spoke with us as well.
Total Information AM - Friday, January 28thCNN's Candy Crowley was in the dark when we spoke with her. No power! Mike Shannon and Tom Ackerman chatted about our new Sports Hub show that debuts Monday. Today marks the 25th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger catastrophe. We spoke with Peter King of CBS.