Illinois Population Drops as Missouri RisesIt's a familiar statistic these days, Illinoisans are leaving for greener pastures.
Metro East Populations Dropping from 2010 If you live in the Metro East, the US Census Bureau says you have fewer neighbors than you used to.
St. Charles Fastest Growing County in MissouriThe latest census bureau data shows three of its towns, Wentzville, O'Fallon and Cottleville, are among the fastest growing cities in the state.
Chesterfield Could Overtake Florissant as the County's Largest CitySt. Louis County's largest city is making moves to stay on top, but there's an upstart city that could pose a challenge in the next census.
St. Louis County Officials Research Homeless TotalsThe most recent census of homeless showed nearly 500 in St. Louis County, and 108 were children.
St. Louis is Shrinking - Where's Everyone Going?The next census is five years away, but already some are wondering if the city's population could dip below 300,000 people for the first time since the 1870s.
New Census Numbers Reveal Wide Disparity In Regional Education Levels80% of Ladue residents have college degrees, compared to 6.7% in East Alton.
St. Louis Sees Growth In Younger Demographic More young adults moved into city than moved out recently, study says.
Same-Sex Household Numbers Up in MissouriThe vast majority of same-sex households were in or near some of Missouri's largest cities, including St. Louis, Kansas City and Columbia.
Missouri and Kansas Population Numbers Holding More people are moving to Kansas and Missouri than are moving out.
Young Professionals Flock to St. Louis CityNumber of college-educated residents aged 25-to-34 years old shot up by 87-percent.
New Redistricting Plan Would Also Consolidate St. Louis DistrictsThe new plan by Ron Casey would consolidate the two St. Louis city districts into one — as also suggested by Republican John Diehl.

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