Missouri Trooper Who Spoke Out After Drowning DemotedThe trooper, who was critical of the agency after a handcuffed man fell from a patrol boat and drowned in the Lake of the Ozarks has been disciplined.
Bar Association: Lawyers Can Search Jurors' Social Media PostsDoes serving on a jury mean giving up your right to social media privacy?
Albert Pujols Files Defamation Suit Against Jack ClarkFormer Cardinals slugger seeking unspecified damages over steroid allegations.
Infighting in Ellisville Now About City Attorney ApplicantsChet Pleban, the defense attorney for Mayor Adam Paul, announced last week he is throwing his hat in for the job, much to the surprise of Ellisville Councilman Matt Pirrello, who is being sued by Pleban.
Mayor Paul's Personal Defense Attorney Applying to be Ellisville's City Attorney"If I could unilaterally make a decision, I would always hire Chet Pleban. For the rest of my life," Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul said.
Effort To Reinstate Impeached Ellisville Mayor Is Halted"I want to get the city back going, I want to turn ashy back to classy," Paul said after Wednesday's council meeting.
TIAM: The Saga Of The Mayor Of Ellisville ContinuesAttorney Chet Pleban spoke with us today.
Badges, Bad Behavior On Display At Second Night Of Ellisville ImpeachmentAfter a six-hour session Monday, Tuesday night featured another marathon session of deliberations on the litany of charges against Adam Paul.
Charlie Brennan - Tuesday, April 2nd -- What is your salary?Charlie hosts his 2nd annual salary survey and asks, "What is your salary?"; he talks with Brian Handrigan & Mike Behr of ClickWithMeNow.com; Charlie & Debbie discuss the Ellisville mayoral fiasco; and they also talk about the the $500 fine that can be given Downtown residents who do not pick up their dog waste.
After A Year Of Infighting, Ellisville's Impeachment Hearing Is TonightAt the door sits a metal detector. Inside is an elementary school gymnasium filled with folding chairs which are themselves filled with shouting residents.
Judge Rules Ellisville Impeachment Hearing Will Go On, Appeal FiledA lawyer for Paul argued that the city's charter is unconstitutional and therefore the impeachment attempt should be grounded.
Hancock & Kelley - Thursday, March 28th - Is Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul being railroaded out of office?John and Michael talk with Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul and his Att'y Chet Pleban about impeachment charges agst. Mayor Paul; with Susan Trautman of Great Rivers Greenway about allocation of tax money for the Arch, parks & bike trails, should Prop. P pass; and discuss whether the Catholic Church has done a good job rebranding itself since the retirement of Pope Benedict.

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