Two Groups of Cicadas Ready to Emerge Across MissouriIf you weren't around for the huge emergence of 13-year cicadas in 2011 because they weren't present in your part of the state, you may have an opportunity to witness a noisy encore this time around.
Cicada Hatch Will Make for Noisy SummerIt's the 17-year hatch for this specific species of cicadas.
Cicadas Leave Their MarkIt may not be the heat but rather the cicadas who are to blame for brown tree leaves
Charlie Brennan - Tuesday, June 7thCharlie talks about narcissism and NY Cong. Anthony Weier, hosts a "Cicada Hotline" with Mo. Entomologist Mary Kroening, talks travel with PBS Travel Host Rick Steves and asks Investment Advisor Larry Swedroe why interest rates are falling instead of rising.
Me, Battling The Cicadas At Casa McElvein
Snack Time: Deep Fried CicadasCicadas are showing up everywhere in the area, including in some recipes. Chris Hartley from the Butterly House joined Mark Reardon and brought along some snacks.
Hancock & Kelley - Friday, June 3rdJohn talks about the MSD lawsuit, the Patriot Act and John Ashcroft, the late Louis Sachs, help to tornado victims in Joplin, MO; celebrities buried in Bellefontaine Cemetery and the emergence of the millions of 13-year cicadas in the St. Louis area.
Total Information AM - Thursday, June 2ndPart of the soundtrack of summer includes cicadas. We spoke with entomologist Mary Kroening about the little beasties. Dr. Joe warned us about the summer sun and skin cancer and the folks at FEMA and the American Red Cross want to help small businesses prepare for disasters.
Loud Cicadas Expected in Illinois this Summer13-year cicadas are expected in Illinois soon.

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