Illinois County Clerks Roll Out Gay Marriage LawSunday was the legal start of gay marriage in Illinois, but only a few of the 102 county clerks statewide opened to issue the documents because the day fell on a weekend.
Illinois Same-Sex Marriage Sponsor Predicts Bill Vote 'Very Soon'Rep. Greg Harris says when civil unions became law, it was described as the first step as a very long journey toward legal marriage. That has changed.
Same-Sex Marriage Advocates In Illinois Encouraged By ElectionBernard Cherkasov, chief executive of the gay-rights group Equality Illinois, says the election results showed same-sex marriage winning in four states.
Illinois Civil Union Medical Benefits Debated The federal Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as between one man and one woman, some federal benefits aren’t afforded.
Illinois Tourism Courts Gay and Lesbian CommunityA new portion of the state’s tourism website has collected information about gay-friendly lodging and attractions, as well as links to information about pride festivals.
Illinois Foster-Care Dispute A Matter Of Law, Faith"We prayed about it, talked about it. Sometimes you have to take a stand, and sometimes (it's) hard,'' said Mark Zartman, 51.
Illinois Catholic Charities Balks At Civil UnionsThe state is trying to cancel contracts totaling more than $30 million with the group Catholic Charities because it's refusing to recognize Illinois' new civil unions law.
Organization Asks to Join Foster-Care SuitThe organization wants to sue Illinois over gay couple foster-care issue.
Ill. Charity Fights Civil Union AdoptionsCatholic Charities would not comply with the civil union acts, and therefore will lose state funding.
More Than 1,600 Civil Union Licenses Issued Last Month In Illinois1,618 civil union licenses were issued across the state in June - the first month civil unions became available to Illinois couples.
Tax Problem for Illinois Civil Unions Since civil unions aren’t recognized under federal law, civil-unioned couples in Illinois must file separate state tax returns.
Tax Snarl in Civil Union Couples in IllinoisWe’re one month into civil unions in Illinois, and a problem has been discovered.

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