Stenger to KMOX: They Cancelled Their Own Projects"Because the $31 million was removed from the budget, the projects they requested could no longer be done."
Some St. Louis County Council Members Accuse Stenger of "Political Threats and Retribution"Is St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger threatening the projects and even position of any elected council members who don't vote with him on issues? That's the allegation from council chairman Sam Page in a letter he sent to Stenger.
Dooley Responds to Councilwoman's Concerns Over Credit RatingAfter Colleen Wasinger, R-Town & Country, inquired about the downgrade, St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley responded with a letter last week.
St. Louis County Council Praises Police Chief After SpatDespite an FBI investigation, Councilman Greg Quinn, R-Ballwin, says that's not why his resolution praising Fitch was brought to a vote Tuesday.
Amid Budget "Crisis," St. Louis County Buys New Vehicles, Overlooks AccountsSt. Louis County's parks department spent a half-million dollars on new cars and trucks, while people were being laid off and parks were threatened with closure.
St. Louis Co. Exec. Spikes Proposed Property Tax Increase"I think that's off the table for right now, so I'm going to leave that alone," he declared.

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