Study: Colon Cancer Rate Increasing in People Under 50While colorectal cancer rates have been declining in people over age 55, new research shows the rates have been rising among Generation X and millenials.
Firefighter Battling Cancer is Honored22 year veteran Marnell Griffin retired in 2014 after colon cancer diagnosis.
Colon Cancer Rates FallCancer researchers say colonoscopies are the reason for a 30 percent drop in colon cancer rates over the past decade in those over 50.
Kathy Holliday, Dr. Steven Hunt on Colon Cancer
New iPad App Assesses Your Major Health RisksWashington University researchers, led by Dr. Graham Colditz, have developed a free iPad app that offers a quick assessment for six major diseases.
New Study on Cancer PreventionA new Washington University School of Medicine study finds more than half of all cancer is preventable.

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