A Woman's Final Wish, And Why It Won't Happen Because of Her WeightA St. Louis man says his shock over the death of his ex-wife is compounded by the fact that her last wish won't be granted.
Vatican Issues New Rules for Catholics on CremationOne rule is the ashes cannot be kept at home, divided or scattered.
Cremated Remains Found In Drug Suspect's CarFormer funeral home worker was supposed to spread the ashes, but kept them in the trunk of his car for several years, say police.
Pet Cremations Now AvailableGent Funeral Home has offered cremation for pets since July and have already had more than 80 people take advantage of the service.
Too Fat To Cremate?The morbidly obese often don't fit into crematory incinerators.
Burial Plots Being Sold Off As Economic Worries GrowFamilies selling final resting places so they can put food on the table, afford medical bills.

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