MoDOT Pulls Crews to Work on GraffitiThe Missouri Department of Transportation is still spending tens of thousands of dollars annually, in St. Louis City alone, to remove graffiti from highway signs.
MSD Clears Debris From Storm Sewers in Preparation for RainSpokesman Sean Hadley says homeowners should take responsibility too - making sure their downspouts and gutters are clear so water doesn't seep into basements.
Ammonia Leak Reported at Brentwood Recreation CenterThe building was evacuated after the St. Louis Fire Department says a 3/8" ammonia line ruptured. Ammonia is used in a cooling system that keeps the ice frozen.
Crews Struggle to Keep Up with Weather ConditionsSleet, snow, extreme cold and it's just the beginning of March.
Ameren: Thieves, Vicious Dogs Hamper Restoration WorkLock up your dogs and please don't take our stuff, Ameren pleads.
MoDOT Launches Holey War"Pothole Patrol" Promises 24-Hour Service.
Watch Road Crews Fill Big Hole on Highway 136 The hole is 480 feet long and 65 feet deep.

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