Right to Work Heads Back to the Missouri HouseMissouri Senate Republicans passed the Right to Work Bill after shutting off debate eight hours into a filibuster by Democrats. Now Democrats are threatening to derail the last three days of the legislative session.
Mo. Senator Proposes Execution BillSen. Dan Brown is proposing legislation intended that would limit extensions for appeals in cases involving kidnapping and murder.
Mo. Senator Says Lobbyists Killed Hospital Oversight Bill"As it is, the hospital industry has too much power and so you're just not going to get good public policy," Sen. Rob Schaaf said.
Senate Approves Paycheck Protection Bill After Filibuster"I'm to the point where I think we're going to get this to as good of a place as we can," Democrat Jolie Justus said, calling an end to the filibuster.
Fight Over Union Dues Continues in Mo. Senate Paycheck Protection bill is stalled, for now.
Mo. Senate Passes Bill To Allow NRA-Sponsored Gun Safety CourseThe bill would also require teachers to perform a simulated intruder drill put on by local law enforcement.
Mo. Senate Committee To Consider Eliminating 'Prevailing Wage'The measure would eliminate the wage used by cities, counties and other government entities to pay for construction projects.
Total Information PM: Ballpark Village Groundbreaking & NRA Gun TrainingBill DeWitt III joins us to discuss the breaking news today about the groundbreaking at Ballpark Village.
Bill Would Require Gun Safety Course in 1st GradeThe bill would mandate the teaching of the National Rifle Association's Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program in every first-grade classroom.
Ice storm tumbles ring phones of personal injury lawyers

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