Former Police Chief Voices Concern for Dotson's Mayoral RunWith crime ever-present, should St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson focus on stopping the killings over his bid for mayor?
Reed Might Side with Protesters in Ex-Cop Murder CaseBoard of Aldermen president says former police chief Dan Isom told him there was no new evidence in the case against Jason Stockley.
Ex-Officer's Murder Charge in St. Louis Raises QuestionsThe police chief at the time, Dan Isom, says his investigators gave Joyce's office evidence years ago.
Isom: City May Need "Way More" Than 160 More OfficersWith the murder rate rapidly outpacing last year's, former police chief Dan Isom says the city may need to add even more officers than what Mayor Slay is proposing.
Director of State Dept. of Public Safety Dan Isom ResigningDr. Daniel Isom confirmed with Sen. Jamilah Nasheed that he will resign his post as the recently confirmed Director of the Missouri Department of Public Safety.
Isom Named New Director of Missouri Department of Public SafetySt. Louis city's former police chief is now the state's top law enforcement authority.
Standing Room Only, Impassioned Testimony at Ferguson Commission Public HearingThe hearing focused on traffic practices and municipal court reform, and Wilson says this is not just a Ferguson problem.
Ferguson Commission Meets Tonight in Shaw NeighborhoodThe public is invited to discuss police relations in St. Louis city and county with the newly formed, governor-appointed Ferguson Commission.
Leaders Renew Call For Peace Ahead of Ferguson Grand Jury AnnouncementGov. Nixon, Charlie Dooley, Francis Slay, and Dan Isom spoke a couple of hours before the big reveal in the Michael Brown case.
Transcript Of Nixon's Remarks On Ferguson Grand JuryRead the prepared remarks made by Gov. Jay Nixon during a media availability on Monday, November 24, 2014.
Former St. Louis Police Chief: Needs to be Dialogue Between Protestors, PoliceFormer St. Louis Police Chief Dan Isom, now a professor at the University of Missouri - St. Louis, has some thoughts on restoring order and calm to Ferguson, Mo. One early criticism - the militarization of police.
Hancock & Kelley: Continuing Coverage Of The Unrest In Ferguson

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