Reardon Football Challenge: Week TwoThe results from week two are in. Wheeler is leading with 7 out of 8 games picked correctly. Jacober, Warmann and Claiborne are tied for second place with 6 out of 8. Reardon is trailing behind with 4 out of 8.
MCLAUGHLIN: Cards Have A 'Heartbeat'The Cardinals will enjoy an off day in Philadelphia and gear up for what may be the make-or-break series of the year against the Phillies.
Reardon Football Challenge: Week OneMark Reardon is challenging the KMOX Sports Team to see who can predict the games. Each week, they'll make picks for four games. Check back for the results each week to see who comes out on top!
MCLAUGHLIN: Izzy's Winding Path To 300In St. Louis, it wasn’t always easy.
MCLAUGHLIN: Raging Question Of ReplayThe play in question was a line drive that seemed to be caught by the Marlins’ Mike Stanton but, was ruled a single for Rafael Furcal. It looked fairly clear that there was indeed a catch on replays.
MCLAUGHLIN: Trader Mo'Deals had to be made to put this team in a realistic spot to compete and win.
MCLAUGHLIN: Father's DayI know many sports fans say that football has surpassed baseball as America’s sport but, all I can say is, give me baseball.
The Sports Hub - Monday, May 30th
MCLAUGHLIN: Credit Is DuePlease note that Jeff Luhnow will be a guest on the “This Week In Baseball” tonight between 6-8pm on KMOX.
The Sports Hub - Wednesday, May 18th
MCLAUGHLIN: Cardinals at Quarter PoleThe offense isn’t a worry. The defense? Yes.