Missouri Chamber of Commerce Backs Multi-State Power LineChamber President is endorsing the Grain Belt Express Clean Line which has approval in Kansas, Indiana and Illinois.
Mo. Supreme Court Expands Legal Rights for Injured WorkersThe Missouri Supreme Court overturned 30 years of precedent with a ruling Tuesday that gives greater legal protections to injured workers who subsequently are fired from their jobs.
Hancock & Kelley: Latest With The City Arch River ProjectWhat's the latest on the City Arch River construction project? Ryan McCLure is a spokesman for the group overseeing the work.
Charlie Brennan - Tuesday, December 10th - Dan Mehan on Medicaid Expansion in Mo.; Jolijt Tamanaha on Farmplicity; Tom Etling of St. Patrick Center; and Bob Steffen on Cars-N-KidsCharlie talks with Dan Mehan of the Mo. Chamber of Commerce & Industry about expanding Medicaid; with Jolijt Tamanaha, Washington U. student and and creater of Farmplicity; with Tom Etling of St. Patrick Center; and with Bob Steffen, CEO of Cars-N-Kids.
Hancock & Kelley: The Future Of AT&T In St. Louis & Pietrangelo Back With The NoteBlues broadcaster Chris Kerber breaks down the new seven-year contract of defenseman Alex Pietrangelo.
Texas Gov. Perry's Visit Draws Strong ReactionsHB 253 is an income tax cut that was passed by the Missouri Legislature but vetoed by Gov. Jay Nixon. Republicans will attempt to override that veto in a session next month.
Mark Reardon: Dan Mehan Of The Missouri Chamber Of CommerceTexas Governor Rick Perry is slamming Missouri Governor Jay Nixon in a series of new radio commercials airing on KMOX, while at the same time appealing for Missouri businesses to relocate to Texas. Dan Mehan is the President and CEO of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce.
Was Nixon's Veto of Missouri Tax Cut Legislation Right?Dan Mehan, head of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce said he just can't understand the governor's opposition.
Mark Reardon: Discussion Over Veto Of House Bill 235 & Snapchat Taking OverDiscussion Over Veto Of House Bill 235 & Snapchat Taking Over
Another 'China Hub' Proposal Considered In Missouri HouseMissouri Chamber of Commerce President Dan Mehan says the credits would only be tapped if results are seen.
Hancock and Kelly: Josh Kraushaar and Dan MehanJosh Kraushaar talks about the upcoming Presidential debates and Dan Mehan discusses the war on coal in Missouri.
Money Swap to Revive Lambert Cargo Hub Raises EyebrowsExperts claim it's legal, but some question whether it will work

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