Two Face Charges In Robbery Spree, Shooting In West St. Louis Co.Investigators believe others may have been victimized by the suspects that same night.
Woman Shot Outside Fenton Denny's; Police Search for SuspectThe victim, who did not resist, is in critical condition with a wound to her torso.
Disabled Man Left at Metro-East Denny's, State InvestigatesAlorton Deputy Police Chief Gerald Crenshaw says the man had no medication or ID.
UPDATE: Belleville Police Settle Dispute With Local Denny'sOn New Years Day, five Belleville Police detectives were out of uniform but wearing their badges when manager David Rice asked them to either leave or put their guns in their vehicle.
Police Kicked Out Of Belleville Denny's For Being ArmedThe new orders come after a New Year's Day clash between five detectives and one Denny's manager.
Top Ways To Bring Middle Earth To St. Louis"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" comes to St. Louis on December 14, 2012. There are some Tolkien fanatics who are anxiously awaiting the event and looking for ways to celebrate this creation of the Middle Earth fantasy. Join the fun, get lost in the magic of the great classic and celebrate Middle Earth in St. Louis.
Officer shoots man at Denny's, man recovering
Police shoot man at Dogtown Denny's

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