Family Duped by Internet Puppy ScamA Fort Leonard Wood family recently wired $4,000 to Minnesota in hopes of getting a baby bulldog for their child.
Is Mo Shedding Image as 'Puppy Mill Capitol"?Two years ago, images of matted and diseased dogs in tiny wire cages helped spur changes in Missouri law.
18 Dogs Removed from Verona Breeding FacilityThe Missouri Department of Agriculture says the owner agreed to give up the dogs and close the facility.
Missouri Politican's Amendment to Bar Voters from Enacting Laws The proposal would add a "right to raise livestock" to the Missouri Constitution.
Missouri Dog Breeding Heats UpSeveral humane groups have voiced concerns that increased costs for the state licenses of animal shelters could cause financial problems for those facilities.
Charlie Brennan - Wednesday, March 23rd
Dog "Limit" in Prop-B Deleted in CommitteeDog breeders and dog breeding supporters spilled out of committee hearing rooms and jammed the hallways of Missouri's Capitol for two days this week.

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