NHL inches toward deal to send players to Olympics
B/R: Full Timeline of MLB's Failed Attempts to Rid the Game of PEDs
NHL Rejects Union Offer By VoicemailLatest hope of ending hockey lockout only leads to more frustration for players, fans.
NHL Cancels Games Through Dec. 14, All-Star GameNHL labor talks broke off soon after they resumed Wednesday, with players maintaining their new proposal was a huge economic concession.
NHL Players Offer New Plan on 67th Day of Lockout"We did give them the proposal," union head Donald Fehr said. "They indicated they're going to have a response to us a little later on."
NHL Labor Talks to Resume Wednesday MorningThe lockout entered its 66th day Tuesday and already has wiped out 327 games. More cancellations could be coming soon without a new deal.
NHL Suggests 2-week Break from Negotiations
NHLPA Leader: Deal Can Be Quick after BreakthroughRepresentatives from the NHL and NHLPA have met seven of the last nine days, but no future talks are planned.
All Quiet on Hockey Front 4 Weeks into LockoutFrustration is building on both sides as the lockout approaches its fifth week. The first regular-season games were missed Thursday night.
NHL, Union Talk Again - but not about moneyBoth sides say talks were cordial. The problem is that they aren't discussing core economic issues.
NHL, Union Resume Talks to Try to Resolve Lockout
NHL, Union Quietly Resume TalksThe meeting on Friday marked the first negotiating session since talks broke off Tuesday in New York.

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