Illinois Republican Leader Admits Attracting Minority Voters Is Difficult"I think the tone and the rhetoric from a lot of people around the country on the Republican Party is inappropriate when it comes to issues like immigration," Tom Cross said.
Opinion: Does Mitt Romney Have An October Surprise For The Debate?Is Mitt Romney planning an October surprise of sorts for tonight? Has he been saving big policy announcements and details for the debate?
Young Undocumented Immigrants March Across AmericaThe pamphlet they handed out at the Hispanic Festival in downtown St. Louis over the weekend says "Undocumented and Unafraid."
Opinion: A Step Forward And A Step Back For The American DreamYesterday the Obama administration put in place provisions of the DREAM Act that brought many young people out of the shadows to participate in the American Dream. On the same day a judge in Pennsylvania let stand what may be the most egregious attempt at voter suppression in a generation.
Charlie Brennan - August 15thCharlie talks about Dream Relief Day for adult children of illegal immigrants; with Liz Schmidt about actions to prevent TIF money for a new WalMart in Ellisville; with Mike Howard of Youthbridge about a competition for seed money for non-profit organizations; and with Mike Shannon, STL Cardinals Broadcaster.
Estimated 95K Immigrant Students in Illinois U.S. Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez says those who came to the U.S. illegally as children will be eligible for work permits, but not citizenship.
Opinion: Romney's Nixonian Secret PlansMitt Romney has provided no details, not even a hint, of what his immigration plan is. Either this is a lousy sales job, which is bad, or he has no idea there’s a difference between running Bain Capital and running the nation, which is worse.
Opinion: Romney Can't Even Lead From BehindThe guy who passed health care reform in Massachusetts and vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act can’t take a policy position on Obama's executive order on immigration enforcement?
No Job Guarantee Under Ill. Dream Act Roberto Gonzales, a professor in the School of Social Service Administration says, "many of them end up in jobs in restaurants, some working in factories, some doing landscaping."
TIAM--Roger Clemens, Reassessments and ImmigrationThe Roger Clemens perjury trial begins today. What's the DREAM Act? Megan Lynch has part 1 of her series on the property tax reassessment appeals in St. Louis County.
Charlie Brennan - Friday, July 1stA look at the Dream Act, which would allow illegal aliens to stay in the U.S.
Deam Act for Illinois ImmigrantsDream Act ten years ago could have helped 95,000 Illinoisans by now.

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