U.S. Hits Record for Costly Weather Disasters: $306 BillionThree of the five most expensive hurricanes in U.S. history hit last year.
Corps of Engineers Battles Low River LevelsDredging and rock removal keep barges running during harvest season.
Bi-State Nearing Drought ConditionsDry September, dry forecast raise concern for next spring.
Planted Roofs Could Help Keep City Heat DownSome are trying to combat extreme heat by painting rooftops white. Another option? Green roofs, as in covered in plants.
Illinois in Danger of "Flash Drought"Dry conditions persist across Illinois and could soon become a problem.
Potential for Drought and Flooding in MidwestThe National Weather Service is looking at the potential for a pro-longed drought, and possibly increased flooding.
Winds Blow Smoke From Forest Fires in Canada into MidwestA haze blanketed much of the Midwest on Tuesday as strong winds carried smoke from forest fires in Canada thousands of miles to the south, prompting health warnings in at least two states.
Water Everywhere, But Not A Drop To Drink
Six Food Favorites Affected By Climate ChangeThe effects of climate change are far-reaching, affecting not only weather, but more critical parts of human life such as food.
America The Beautiful (And Freezing)Many parts of the U.S. have already broken records for snowfall and below zero temperatures while other parts have seen unseasonably warm temperatures.
Despite Snow, Area Threatened by DroughtWith all the snow we've gotten this winter, you may not realize it, but we are still in a drought.
Bloomington Asks Residents to Conserve WaterBloomington residents are being asked to conserve water because of an ongoing drought.

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