MSD, Earnings Tax, SLPS Property Tax Pass on April BallotThe 2016 General Municipal Election results city-wide are officially in.
STL Voters Deliberate to Keep, Phase Out Earnings TaxAbout thirty percent of registered voters in the city are expected to show up at the polls and vote.
Slay Distances Himself From Sinquefield MoneySlay and Billionaire activist are at odds over city earnings tax
Billionaire Activist Gives $1 Million to End St. Louis' Earnings TaxThe tax raises about $189 million annually, or a third of the city's budget.
Legislator Files Bill Calling for St. Louis to Secede From MissouriSt. Louis Democrat Mike Colona hopes it helps bridge urban/rural divide, motivates city residents.
St. Louis Earnings Tax Opponents Organize CampaignSt. Louis and Kansas City residents must vote every five years to reaffirm the tax. In 2011, 88 percent in St. Louis voted to keep it.
City Election Board Prepares for Double-HeaderCity says it has enough machines to handle the job.
Nixon Believes Bill Against Earnings Tax to Fall ShortGovernor Nixon has some words of comfort for St. Louis budget planners afraid the legislature might try to get rid of the city earnings tax.
State Rep. Files Sunshine Request for More Earnings Tax InfoState lawmakers are trying to eliminate the taxes, but residents in both cities routinely approve them.
Ballwin Republican Introduces Earnings Tax Elimination BillsDogan says the state can take the tax away, but it's not the state's job to find replacement revenue.
Paul Berry: Don't Raise Min. Wage, Eliminate Earnings TaxHe says there would even be enough money to give police a 25 percent pay increase.
Missouri Supreme Court Rejects Earnings Tax ChallengeMissouri voters in 2010 approved a statewide ballot measure that forced the state's two largest cities to hold elections on their earnings taxes.

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