EPA Issues Decision on West Lake Landfill, Calls For 'Excavation Plus'The five-year project is anticipated to include an engineered cover system for long-term protection.
No Word From EPA On West Lake Clean-Up As Deadline Closes InThe EPA could possibly announce plans to dig the waste up and ship it someplace else. Or they might announce plans to try to contain the waste better and keep it in place.
Residents Wait to Hear the Fate of West Lake LandfillBack in December, the EPA promised Congress it would make an announcement sometime in January.
EPA Announcement Expected 'Any day' on Westlake Landfill Hoping for good news, local residents living near the West Lake Landfill are awaiting an announcement
Radiation Tests at NGA West Site; Mo. Coalition For Environment Calls For Work To Be HaltedLab report says radiation is within normal levels -- environmental group disagrees.
Top 10 List of EPA's Worst Superfund Sites Includes West Lake LandfillThe EPA's website says being on the list doesn't mean more money will be spent on those sites, but it does target them for what it calls "immediate and intense action."
Senator Nasheed Calls for Further testing at Pruitt-IgoeA Missouri state senator is calling for EPA tests for possible radiation on a development site in north St. Louis.
Preliminary Results Show No Asbestos From Warehouse FireTrace amounts found at site, but nothing turns up 4-5 blocks away.
EPA Closer to Making West Lake DecisionThe EPA is getting closer to making a decision on what to do about the radioactive West Lake Landfill.
EPA Discusses West Lake Clean UpRepresentatives from the Environment Protection Agency met with residents near the West Lake Landfill last night regarding clean up efforts to the contaminated area.
Community Concerned About Toxic Materials From Historic MansionResidents and community leaders gathered to call for such tests Saturday, fearing the historic building contained toxic materials.
DNR Finds Radiation in Stormwater Outside West Lake LandfillThe tests found alpha particles higher than what's allowed under federal health guidelines for drinking water.

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