Rockwood Students Eating Up Farm-to-CafeteriaRocking serving students produce fresh from the fields
Rating Restaurants for a "Green" Menu "If you're sourcing more local food, you're encouraging more local farmers to grow more real food." - Jenn DeRose, Green Dining Alliance
Chefs Responsible for Verifying Source When Buying Farm-FreshRestaurants required to safeguard against contamination.
Farm to Table: Good or Gimmick? Conclusion: Vetting Your MealMany restaurants are managing the trend with integrity. Farmers say a few others are just using the catch-phrase to make a buck.
Farm to Table: Good or Gimmick? Part 3: Protecting Your Hard-Earned Reputation"It's frustrating that the customer's getting blind-sided on some of that; that restaurants are taking the farm-to-table movement and trying to get a premium for it," he says.
Farm to Table: Good or Gimmick? Part 2: It's Hard to Cultivate SourcesKirby admits there are times when there's simply no way to make "farm to table" work: "Things that we go through on a higher volume like onions, we go through 1,500 pounds a week, I can't get anybody to give me that many locally."
Farm to Table: Good or Gimmick? Part 1: What is Farm to Table?KMOX's Megan Lynch spent the spring and summer months traveling to farms and restaurants in the St. Louis region. This week, you'll learn what "Farm to Table" is, and how to know if it's being done right.
7 Farm To Table Books For Everyday ChefsThe only thing better than eating food is reading about food.
Top Ways To Celebrate National Pancake Week In The St. Louis AreaEnjoy these top places to celebrate National Pancake Week in St. Louis. Buttermilk, blueberry multigrain, gluten-free, buckwheat, dripping with syrup and topped with fruit varieties are stacked to please.
Top Valentine's Day 2013 Restaurant Specials In St. LouisSpend an elegant dinner together filled with romance, be part of a mystery dinner theater, renew your vows with Elvis or add a sweet taste of chocolate at these top restaurants in St. Louis.

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