Bill Gates Commits $12 Million To Help Find A Universal Flu VaccineAfter a devastating flu season around the world, Bill Gates is joining the search for a universal vaccine for the potentially deadly virus.
CDC Warns Second Wave Of Flu Has BegunIn a March 23 release the CDC announced that overall flu cases are finally dropping however, "Influenza B" cases have jumped above the more common "Influenza A" virus.
12-Year-Old Collapses During Basketball GameA 6th grade student goes into cardiac arrest Sunday night while playing basketball.
Flu Numbers Continue to FallThat's the 4th week in a row of falling numbers.
Watch Out for Additional Infections Following Flu, Doctor SaysHow do you know when to go to the hospital?
Flu Numbers Keep DroppingNew flu numbers continue to fall in St. Louis County - and all across Missouri.
Flu Numbers Dropping in St. CharlesNew flu cases are down big time in St. Charles County.
Deadly Flu Season Claiming 100 Lives Per Week, CDC WarnsThe U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently estimated that 759 people died of flu-related illnesses between Oct. 7 and Dec. 23.
Flu Numbers Dropping in St. Louis, Rising ElsewhereSigns the flu could be peaking in St. Louis County
New Flu Numbers to Come Out TodayNew local influenza numbers are due out later today.
Has Flu Season, In Full Swing, Reached Its Height?Flu is now widespread in every state except Hawaii, but the good news is the season appears to already be peaking.
Flu Season in St. Charles: More Than 2,800 Reported Cases"I have heard that the fever is the usual in terms of severity, but it's lasting a lot longer, so we definitely need to encourage people to stay home as long as they do have that fever," says Assistant Director of Public Health for St. Charles County, Sara Evers.

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