Murder Conviction In Madison CountyBreanna Maldonado of Granite City found guilty of stabbing woman to death in gas station parking lot
Anti-Defamation League Sounds Warning About White Supremacists in Mo. Prisons"The reality is, they can do enormous damage as a single individual, and that's what is worth paying attention to."
Circuit Attorney Steps Up War on Gun ViolenceJennifer Joyce announces new attempt to reduce unlawful gun ownership.
Gang Violence on the Rise Among St. Louis YouthIn the past two weeks, an 11-year old boy has been shot and killed in South Saint Louis, and an 11-year old girl and 15-year old were shot and wounded in North Saint Louis in separate incidents.
Illinois Sen. Kirk Wants Federal Help to Fight Gangs“The thing I was trying to get through was these criminal empires are far in excess of what Capone would’ve ever dreamed of.”
New Illinois Law Protects Witnesses from Gang RetaliationThe measure provides financial help to relocate victims and witnesses who testify in gang-related cases.
St. Louis Circuit Attorney Speaks Out About Rampant Use of Illegal GunsThere's too many illegal guns in STL. That's what St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce tweeted Wednesday to her 2,200 plus followers.
Missouri Bill Would Punish Parents For Child's Gun CrimesMaria Chapelle-Nadal points to four states which charge parents with crimes if their child hurt someone with a gun.
Residents Pledge Support in Fighting Violent CrimeSt. Louis police meet with northside residents to discuss recent increase in gang activity and shootings.
Opinion: Big Cities’ People-in-Power Don’t Understand Crime And MurderFor America’s big cities: the people who are supposed to have, need to have, and claim to have all the answers simply don’t have a clue.
Senator Durbin Slams the East St. Louis Mayor Again"There's a mayor there who completely ignores it, and keeps all night, nightclubs open just attracting violence and drugs and thugs."
New Breed of Street Gangs in St. LouisGang members are getting younger. Police say major recruiting grounds are at middle schools and high schools.

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