KMOX Auto Expert: Beware Recently Flood Damaged CarsThousands of vehicles were destroyed during recent heavy rains and flooding in Texas. Many of those vehicles will now be turning up in the resale market, and it's a classic case of "buyer beware."
Winter Car Washes Prevent DamageThe return of snow in the forecast means the return of brine and salt to the roadways, and that should mean the return of motorists to car washes.
1/3 KMOX Auto Show: Richard Read, Art Lampitt, Joe RuschIt's the first KMOX Auto Show of 2015 and we had special guests Richard Read of Car Connection and Gay Wheels, Art Lampitt and Joe Rusch who is the promoter of the STC Motorcycle Show at the America Center.
KMOX Auto Show: Walter Parks, Lauren Fix, Joe MarlottiGreg Damon hosts the last KMOX Auto Show of 2014 with special guests musician Walter Parks, Lauren Fix 'The Car Coach' and comedian Joe Marlotti.
The KMOX Auto Show with Greg Damon NASCAR driver and native St. Louisan Kenny Wallace joins Greg to talk about dirt racing, groupon, and more.
The KMOX Auto Show with Greg DamonHost of the History Channel's "Counting Cars", Danny "The Count" Koker of County Customs, joins Greg to talk about his show and a variety of other topics.
The KMOX Auto Show with Greg DamonLenny Batycki of PRN's at the Track and Mike Mittler of MB Motorsports talk with Greg about all things NASCAR and what to expect next season.
The KMOX Auto Show with Greg DamonMike Levine, F-150 Specialist at Ford Motor Company, joins Greg to talk to about America's best selling vehicle 32-years running, the Ford F-150, as well as some new features coming to the F-150 line.
The KMOX Auto Show with Greg Damon - 11/8/14
The KMOX Auto Show with Greg DamonGreg answers listener questions and talks to various guests including The Car Coach Lauren Fix, Lawn Mower Racer Bobby Cleveland, and Head of Dodge Communications and Marketing Mark Malmstead.
The Auto Show with Greg Damon
The KMOX Home Improvement Show: Greg Damon, Rich Oris, and Tim Wahlig of Mosby Building ArtsOn this addition of the show, Greg Damon and company answer listener questions and give helpful home improvement advice.

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