#Trending In Entertainment: Joan Rivers Dies and Hollywood Gets HackedThis week one of entertainment’s comedic legends passed away, Hollywood got hacked, and apparently everyone is in court for something or the other.
City of Ferguson's Website Taken Down, Anonymous Takes CreditOnline hacker group Anonymous is taking credit for temporarily taking down the city of Ferguson's website.
Monsanto Faces Dual Threat After Intellectual Property TheftMonsanto is grappling with overseas intellectual property theft, though Fontbonne cyber security professor Al Carlson says the seed company doesn't just face a problem with those who'd like to steal what it does, but also those who'd like to stop what it does.
Former Student Gets Jail Time for Lindenwood LeaksAddison Todd previously pleaded guilty to two counts of tampering with computer data and one count of tampering with a computer user.
Private Lindenwood University Student Information Leaked on TwitterA spreadsheet with names, G.P.A.s and contract information of 184 students on academic suspension were posted to Twitter.
Hacker Steals Funds From Missouri School District The school district's database did not appear to be corrupted, so officials believe the breach was "within the banking industry."

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