UPDATED: First Blanchette Commute Following Closure Was "Smooth"City works to minimize financial impact of year-long shutdown of westbound bridge.
MoDOT Road Work Will Impact Three Major InterstatesI-44, I-64 and I-270 will all be impacted by construction.
Tensions Ramp Up Over New Mississippi River Bridge PlanSt. Clair County official upset about elimination of PSB on-ramp.
MoDOT Hoping For Permanent Transportation Funding SolutionProjects start shutting down if federal highways plan isn't in place soon.
MoDOT Launches Holey War"Pothole Patrol" Promises 24-Hour Service.
UPDATED: Snow Approaching Fast, Now Passing I-270MoDOT using lessons learned from Jan. 12 storm to improve readiness.
MoDOT faces funding pothole in 2011

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