'Tick Explosion' May Be Coming This Summer, Expert WarnsThe director of the University of Rhode Island's tick-borne disease center warns that the U.S. is moving into the prime season for disease-carrying insects
Diet Soda, Sweeteners Can Still Cause Diabetes, Study FindsA study of rats has revealed that artificial sweeteners, commonly used in zero-calorie sodas, actually did as much harm to the body as a high-sugar diet.
Experts Say Showering Too Much May Do More Harm Than GoodAccording to multiple reports, excessive showering is actually doing damage to the skin and the body's ability to heal itself.
'Sweet Tooth' Gene Linked To Having Less Body Fat, Study FindsA new study has found that people with a specific gene which makes them crave sugary treats actually have less body fat than others.
Bag It Up: Dog Poop A Major Environmental Pollutant, Reports FindWhile many areas in the U.S. try to crack down on the littering aspect of not cleaning up after your dog, studies are also finding that dog poop is becoming a major environmental hazard too.
Health Check-Up: Cancer Patients, Health Care, and CigarettesTo wrap-up the week, Fred covers the increase in cancer patients, health care spending increases, and how a new study shows even those who smoke one cigarette a day, still have a higher health risk.
Health Check-Up: Cancer Treatments, Fertility, and Health AppsOn Thursday's Health Check-Up, Fred covers a study on how cancer treatment revives fertility in women, smartphone health apps, and how a deep breath through the nose strengthens the brain and sharpens memory.
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Health Check-Up: Stress, New Drug for Arthritis, and OpioidsDuring this health check-up, Fred covers election the stress residual, a study on new drug for arthritis, and an injection that may help opioid addiction for prisoners.
Health Check-Up: Diabetes, Opioids and Baby MassagesOn this Monday's health check-up, Fred covers a new type-2 diabetes study, opioid pilot program and the dangers of baby massages.
5 Simple Exercises That Lower StressLooking for a way to lower stress? Try these five exercises from Dr. Tami Meraglia, author of "The Hormone Secret: Discover Effortless Weight Loss and Renewed Energy in Just 30 Days."
The Story Of Sharing America's MarrowSam Kimura, her sister and her best friend are on a mission to help people around the country in need of life saving blood marrow. See how these three young women are going about making a real difference.
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School Safety Tips For Younger KidsSchool is back in session, so take some time to go over these important safety tips with your children. This is just the beginning of the conversation, but it's a great place to get started.
Five Healthy Foods For Your BrainWhen it comes to maintaining and even enhancing brain health, choosing the right foods is critically important. These five foods will have your brain working in top gear.