Residents Question McCaskill During Missouri Town HallsA lot of the questions centered on former President Barack Obama's health care law and Republican efforts to repeal and replace it.
Missouri House GOP Lawmakers Defeat Medicaid ExpansionTwo separate House committees simultaneously heard arguments for and then rejected proposals to adopt a central component of President Barack Obama's health care law.
Missouri Budget Panel Hears Support for Medicaid Growth
Illinois to Decide on Essential Health BenefitsAs the presidential election focuses on President Barack Obama's national health care overhaul, Illinois has been inching toward implementing the law.
Ad Targets Health Care LawDemocratic senators up for re-election in five states are being targeted by issue ads run by the conservative 60 Plus Association.
Blunt Wants Opt Out Policy on Birth Control Coverage Blunt said. "It's about a faith principle that the First Amendment guarantees."
Missouri AG Rejects Individual Health Insurance MandateKoster says the mandate goes beyond what courts have ruled is the authority of Congress to regulate interstate commerce
UPDATE: Missouri Lawmakers Consider More Health Care MeasuresMissouri lawmakers are preparing a second salvo over the federal health care law.

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