VIDEO: 'Hero' Citizen Attacks Knife-Wielding Robber at StarbucksA customer of a central California Starbucks was stabbed in the neck as he thwarted an armed robber Thursday.
Meet The Muny's Unsung Heroes: The 'Pushers'They are known as "legends" by their coworkers because without them some patrons would never be able to enjoy The Muny.
David Freese Playing in St. Louis Was Probably Bad For HimThe St. Louis-native and Cardinals hero opens up about how his love for his home city, but how he had to get away from it.
Illinois Mom Gets Hero's Treatment for Train Track RescueA young mother has been hailed a hero after she rescued a man in a wheelchair from an oncoming train in central Illinois.
28 Must-Eat Sandwiches From Around The WorldWhen it comes to global gastronomy, the sandwich reigns supreme. Which is why we put together this handy guide to the world's best/most representative national sandwiches.
Man Campaigning Door-to-Door Saves Child from PoolState representative candidate Rod Hoffman is credited for saving a a two year old O'Fallon boy.
10 Year-Old Student Credited With Saving Classmate's LifeSchool officials say the Webster Elementary School student sprung to action when a fourth-grader got a piece of a corndog stuck in his throat.
11-Year-Old Boy Credited With Saving Choking Schoolmate Boy's mother says her son isn't sure how he learned the life-saving measure, but he may have picked it up in boy scouts.
Father Saves Baby from Burning HomeDaniel Walton carried his 14-month-old daughter from the flame-engulfed home.

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