Heroin Deaths Climbing in Metro EastMadison County heroin deaths set to outpace 2010
More Warnings About Deadly HeroinCommunity forum this week
Heroin Epidemic: Smack's Gone MobileDealers and junkies using text message to make deals.
St. Louis County Bracing for More Heroin DeathsCounty Police Chief expects heroin death toll to double.
Heroin: Killing a New GenerationKMOX‘s Megan Lynch investigates the ongoing epidemic that has led to a spike in deaths across the St. Louis region.
Heroin Prosecutions IncreasingProsecutors confirm they continue to see more cases.
Total Information AM - Friday, May 13thDebbie speaks with Jean Steck about the first Bellefontaine In Bloom tour this Sunday, and we hear from KMOX's Megan Lynch, Mike Shannon, Tom Ackerman, and KMOX Capitol correspondent Phil Brooks.
Heroin: Killing a New Generation — Part 5How do we win the war against heroin?
Total Information PM - Thursday, May 12th
Total Information AM - Thursday, May 12thAttorney Alan Freed speaks with us about University City and their recent granting of spousal rights to same-sex couples, and we hear from Dr. Joe Primrose and KMOX's Megan Lynch in part of her ongoing series on drug use.
Heroin: Killing a New Generation — Part 4Two families share the heartbreak of losing a child to a heroin overdose.
Total Information PM - Wednesday, May 11th

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