Extreme Heat Takes Toll on Asthma PatientsSt. Louis City and County hospitals have treated 46 heat-related illnesses since last Thursday.
Heat Toll Rises, Warnings PersistThe heat deaths in the St. Louis area now total 14, with three in the county.
Extreme Heat Persists Across Midwest, but Relief In SightIf you're performing a rain dance right now to give us all some relief from the heat, please dance faster.
Fire & Ice: Some Workplaces are Cooler Than OthersWhile the thermometer rises, some find relief at their jobs, while others find it even hotter.
Local Groups Help People Chill in Extreme HeatWhen St. Louis is hotter than the Amazon Rainforest, people without air conditioning need all the help they can get.
Heat Continues Its Record-Setting RunTemperatures have reached record highs during the past few days.

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