Clinton: My 'Skin Crawled' as Trump Hovered on Debate StageShe says in her upcoming book that Trump shadowed her so closely she had to resist shouting out, "Back up you creep, get away from me.''
Missouri, Illinois Electoral College Delegates Cast Vote for PresidentWithout a single dissenting vote, Missouri's 10 Electoral College Delegates cast their votes at a meeting in Jefferson City for Donald Trump to be president.
Electoral College Meets Amid Effort to Deny Trump PresidencyElectors are set to gather in every state on Monday to formally elect Donald Trump president even as anti-Trump forces try one last time to deny him the White House.
Electors Facing Barrage of Letters, Calls, EmailsLocal elector getting thousands of emails urging her to change her vote.
How Did The Polls Get It Wrong?So what happened? How could IPSOS not see Donald Trump winning the election?
'Not My President': Nationwide Protests Erupt After Trump Wins ElectionMany feel Trump does not represent the American people.
Judy Woodruff Says Election Results Might Take All NightWoodruff says she might be up all night waiting for a succession or final tally of votes in this presidential race.
Trump and Clinton Bumper Cars Bumping Heads at Blueberry HillBlueberry Hill set up a remote-control bumper car game for Election Day.
Voters Remain Undecided Day Before Presidential ElectionVoters say the election has been a "taboo" subject and there is danger in voicing their preferred presidential candidate.
Arsenio Hall Loves Cleveland Sports, Knows Presidential Candidates Pretty WellHall joined KMOX's Chris Hrabe and talked about a lot more than just his comedy show coming to Helium Comedy Club in St. Louis this weekend.
UPDATE: Suspect in Iowa Officer Shootings in CustodyScott Michael Greene was taken into custody without incident.
Hanaway Comments on FBI Decision to Analyze Clinton's E-mailsHanaway says that Comey testified in front of Congress that if anything new came out, he would inform them of it. She says that his actions are appropriate in this situation.

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