St. Louis Minister Urges Clergy to 'Call Queer Folks in Your Life'"I love it enough to tell it the truth about itself."
Local Islamic Foundation Condemns Orlando AttackCalls radical Islamists "common enemy".
Court Rules Missouri Law Denies Gays Employment ProtectionA Missouri appeals court has ruled that a man who claims he was fired because he's gay can't sue his former employer for discrimination.
Night Vision with Jon Grayson - July 20th, 2014
Study: Titans Fans Least Receptive To Michael Sam NewsResearchers analyzed tweeted reactions in NFL markets to Michael Sam's announcement that he is gay.
Lawyers: Gay Marriage A Detriment To ChildrenAttorneys for group appealing ruling that overturned Oklahoma's gay marriage ban say kids are better off in a home with a mother and father.
Ellis Says Michael Sam "Needs To Go In There, Close His Mouth And Play FoootballFormer Dallas Cowboy defensive end Greg Ellis says there will be discomfort from other players, but he can overcome that by playing well,
Study: Homosexuality Not Entirely Determined By GenesA study conducted by researchers at Northwestern University suggests that genetics only partially play a role in whether or not a person is a homosexual.
Indiana Lawmaker Says Girl Scouts Promote Abortion and HomosexualityBoth the scouts and Planned Parenthood dismissed Rep. Bob Morris' comments as absurd.
Court to Take Another Look at Funeral ProtestsChurch members claim soldiers' deaths in overseas wars are God's punishment for American tolerance of homosexuality and abortion.

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