Workers Comp Appeal Rejected In Fatal Police Car CrashTrooper Matt Mitchell was seeking compensation for injuries he suffered in his 2007 reckless homicide crash that killed two.
Memorializing the Uhl Sisters"It is personally distressing that Mitchell wore the uniform of the Illinois State Police," Haine said.
No Workers Comp for Ill. State Police Trooper Matt Mitchell Mitchell later pleaded guilty to reckless homicide and was sentenced to 30 months of probation. His claim for workers' compensation for his injuries was denied.
Hancock & Kelley - Thursday, July 14thMo. House Speaker Steve Tilley announces he's running for Mo. Lt. Gov.; STL Cards' Vicki Bryant talks about upcoming U2 concert at Busch Stadium; Harry Hamm on the new Harry Potter movie; Kim Schlau, mother of two teens killed by Ill. state trooper going 126mph, talks about an upcoming memorial fundraiser; and John asks listeners, "Are the best days of St. Louis behind us?"

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