College Student Accused Of Funneling Military Secrets To ChinaA search warrant claimed that Wentong Cai tried to buy about 20 ARS-14 military grade sensors under the guise of needing them for research but really planned to illegally smuggle them to China.
Federal Documents: ISU Asst. Professor Resigns After Faking AIDS Vaccine ResultsAn assistant professor involved in AIDS vaccine research at Iowa State University has resigned after an investigation showed that he made the medication appear more effective than it actually was.
Ames Officer Cleared In ISU Chase Shooting The Ames officer who shot and killed a man after a police chase on the Iowa State University campus was cleared of any wrongdoing Thursday by the county prosecutor.
Police: Man Shot At Iowa State University DiesA man who led police Monday on a car chase through Iowa State University that ended with multiple gunshots on campus has died.
Iowa Student Loses Wallet, Gets It Back With Encouraging Note And $10Iowa State student loses his wallet, a nice woman finds it, sends it back with an encouraging note and $10.
Judge: Iowa State University Must Shield 'Pink Slime' Food Safety DocumentsA judge has blocked Iowa State University from releasing documents about food safety research conducted for the beef-processing company that makes the product dubbed "pink slime" by critics.
Monsanto Low-Fat Soybean Breakthrough "We believe because of the trans-fat labeling, 4.6 billion pounds of edible soybean oil was not used for food over a three-year period,''

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