TIAM: Wall St. Today? West Wing Report, Mike Shannon & Ticket PricesWill Wall Street open today? President Obama wants to make an appointment. Mike Shannon on the Cardinal win and why ticket prices are so darn high.
TIAM: Moammar & The Markets, Mike Shannon & Penn Jillette!Libya's rebels cause the stock futures to go up. President Obama continues to vacation on Martha's Vineyard. Mike Shannon on the Cardinals and Penn Jillette joins us to talk about his new book.
Total Information PM - Rooney Report, KMOX Business Speaker Series, Mark on Money, Remote Controlled Sharks
Total Information PM - Warren Buffet: " Don't Coddle Me!"
TIAM: Market Wrap, Road Trip, Mike Shannon & Air TravelWe look at the markets with Jill Schlesinger. Paul Brandus gets on the bus with President Obama. Mike Shanon on the Cardinals. Reporter Scott Mayerowitz traveled over 8,000 air miles in one week on purpose!
TIAM: We Have A Debt Deal! Plus Mike Shannon & Sugar Ray LeonardThe markets appear to like the debt ceiling deal. Mike Shannon joined us from Milwaukee. Sugar Ray Leonard spoke with Doug about his career and new book.
Total Information PM - Postal Service Cuts, Fuel Efficiency Standards, Debt Talks Heat Up
TIAM: The Debt Ceiling, Mike Shannon & Food TrucksJill Schlesinger spoke with Doug about the markets and the debt ceiling. Paul Brandus also spoke with us about the debt ceiling. Mike Shannon on the possible Colby Rasmus trade. Food trucks a threat to local restaurants?
Total Information PM - Debt Limit Talks
TIAM: Lousy Job Numbers, The Debt Ceiling & John RooneyJill Schlesinger & Doug talked about the lousy job numbers. Paul Brandus brought us up to speed with the debt ceiling negotiations. Will we repeat the financial crisis of 2008? John Rooney is working the All Star Game so we spoke with him while he was in his palatial hotel in Phoenix.
TIAM: Greece Votes, Globemaster C-17 & CupcakesWe covered the Greek debt crisis, The St. Louis Science Center Omnimax film "Rescue" and got fed cupcakes from the award-winning Jilly's Cupcake Bar & Cafe.
TIAM: The Fed Speaks, Bachman Says She's In It to Win It, I.R.S. AuctionWhen Ben Bernanke speaks, we listen. Michelle Bachman wants to be president. Mike Shannon with some winning suggestions and the I.R.S. has a big auction coming up Thursday.
Charlie Brennan - Thursday, June 23Charlie talks with former U.S. Senator John Danforth about "Joplin Tomorrow", an effort to help the City of Joplin, MO, make a comeback after a disastrous spring tornado ravaged 7 miles of the City; and with Jill Schlesinger of CBS Moneywatch.com about the release of 60 million barrels of oil reserves.
Total Information PM - Friday, June 3rd
Total Information AM - Monday, May 16thThe chief of the IMF gets busted and Jill Schlesinger of CBSMoneyWatch.com explains the details, and we hear from Actor and Director Kenneth Branagh and Cardinals broadcaster Mike Shannon.