Efforts Continue to Spare condemned Missouri Inmate Herbert SmullsAttorneys for Herbert Smulls expressed concerns Monday about Missouri's execution drug, even as the state prepares for its third execution since November.
Missouri Executes Man In 1994 Good Samaritan Death Allen Nicklasson is the second inmate executed in the state in three weeks.
Death Penalty Opponents Hold Vigil For Joseph Paul Franklin DowntownThey started by reading the names of Franklin's victims and then said a short prayer for Franklin, his family, and the victims of his crimes.
White Supremacist Serial Killer Joseph Paul Franklin ExecutedThe 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled early Wednesday that Missouri could proceed with Franklin's execution, just hours after a lower court blocked it.
Judge Criticizes Unknowns in Missouri Execution DetailsU.S. District Judge Nanette Laughrey granted a stay of execution Tuesday afternoon to serial killer Joseph Franklin. She ruled that challenges to the state's lethal injection protocol must be resolved before Franklin's execution moves forward.
Federal Judge Grants Stay of Execution for Joseph Paul FranklinA federal judge in Missouri has given a stay of execution to white supremacist serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin just hours before his scheduled death.
Legal Options Running Out For Condemned White Supremacist KillerConvicted serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin is running out of legal options to stop his scheduled execution.
Nixon Won't Stop ExecutionMissouri Gov. Jay Nixon issued a statement today saying he has refused to halt the execution of white supremacist serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin, calling his crime in Missouri a cowardly and calculated shooting.
Courts, Governor Still Weighing Missouri ExecutionJoseph Paul Franklin faces execution one minute after midnight on Wednesday. It would be the first in Missouri in nearly three years and the first ever using a single execution drug, the sedative pentobarbital.
Salt Lake City NAACP Asks Mo. Governor to Halt ExecutionJoseph Paul Franklin is scheduled to be executed next week for the 1977 murder of a Missouri man outside a synagogue.
Lawyer for Death Row Inmate Asks Court for Execution StayAttorney Jennifer Herndon wrote that the use of pentobarbital from a compounding pharmacy puts Joseph Paul Franklin at risk of an "excruciatingly painful execution."
Larry Flynt Sues Missouri, Says State Execution Process Is Too SecretiveSerial killer Joseph Paul Franklin is getting support from an unlikely source: Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt, who was paralyzed by a bullet apparently fired by Franklin 35 years ago.

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