St. Louis Police Issue Order Acknowledging Journalist RightsSt. Louis police officers will be required each month to read and acknowledge an order reiterating the rights of journalists.
Free Pizza for Journalists at Pi RestaurantsThe restaurant is calling it "Love a Journalist Day."
Missouri Bill Aimed at Block Censorship of Student Reporters``I think it's time that Missouri becomes known as a state that values free speech, especially for student journalists,'' Haahr said
Mizzou Assistant Professor Click SuspendedMelissa Click pleaded not guilty to third degree assault on Tuesday.
VIDEO: Mizzou Mass Media Prof Calls for 'Muscle' Against Media"Hey who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? I need some muscle over here!" Melissa Click, an assistant professor of mass media at Mizzou, can be heard shouting on the video.
Illinois Turns Over Marijuana Applications to AttorneysIllinois has turned over 13,000 pages of documents to attorneys challenging how the state awarded one medical marijuana business license, marking the first release of such material.
Capitol Perspectives: Protecting the Public from JournalistsThe day after the November elections, Gov. Jay Nixon provided the most detailed explanation yet as to why his administration blocks reporters from talking with agency directors and experts.
Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis Condemns Treatment of Journalists Covering FergusonThe Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis issued a statement strongly condemning what it calls "the manhandling and disrespect shown to our colleagues by authorities during the unfolding crisis in Ferguson."
Journalists Could Face Felony Under New LegislationNew legislation is being proposed after an incident where a reporter attempted to test school security.

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