NFL Set to Defend $1B Concussion Settlement Amid AppealsThere would not be coverage for depression, seizures and mood disorders, which some experts link to concussions.
Seau's Family Sues NFL over Brain Injuries
NFL Star Junior Seau Suffered from Brain Disease
Washington University Professor Discusses Increase In NFL Head InjuriesAs the Washington University site director for the NFL Player Care program, Dr. David Brody said he is seeing more and more former players come in with problems.
Junior Seau Brain Tissue Released for StudySeau's death echoed last year's suicide of former Chicago Bears defensive back Dave Duerson. Duerson left a note asking for his brain to be studied for signs of brain trauma.
Fujita Sees Bounty Probe as Part Smear Campaign
Junior Seau Buried in Hometown
Fouts, Harrison, LT to Speak at Seau Memorial
NFL Faces New Lawsuit by More than 100 Ex-players
8 Members of Chargers Super Bowl Team Have Died
Junior Seau Found Dead at California Home

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