EPA Claims Air Safe to Breathe Near Burning Bridgeton LandfillEPA Regional Administrator Karl Brooks says the seven-month study from May through December last year found no harmful levels of alpha, beta or gamma radiation.
EPA: Final Report on Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Complex Shows Facility 'Suitable for Public Use'The EPA says the facility is suitable for public use and requires no further environmental response.
EPA to Begin Radiation Testing Near Bridgeton BallfieldsSome people are still unsatisfied that the EPA won't test a nearby drainage ditch that's apparently a play area for kids.
EPA Refuses Koster's Demand for More Radiation TestsThe EPA has responded to Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster's demand for more radiation tests on the haul roads around the West Lake landfill.
EPA Agrees to Screen for Contamination at Bridgeton Athletic ComplexMayor Conrad Bowers stated that the screening is being conducted to alleviate any possible concerns as to the safety for anyone visiting the complex.
EPA: Baseball Fields Near West Lake Landfill are SafeThe fear of radioactive contamination forced organizers to move a major little league tournament from a sports complex in Bridgeton.
Attorney General Koster Takes Action on Bridgeton LandfillChris Koster sent a letter calling on the EPA to test for radiological contamination in the surrounding community, and filed a motion in St. Louis County Circuit Court.
More Radioactive Material Found Near Burning Bridgeton LandfillThe radioactive dirt was found about 30 feet below the surface, in an area where landfill owner Republic Services want to dig a firebreak trench.
EPA Says It's Moving Ahead With West Lake Landfill TestsThere are those who disagree with the notion that the West Lake waste doesn't constitute a public health risk. Many of those dissenters plan to protest Wednesday morning.
EPA: No Radiation Risk from West Lake Landfill
Citizens, EPA Discuss Climate Change in St. LouisHigh rates of asthma, extreme weather among the effects described at Saturday's clean air health fair.
No Health Risk Found in Route 66 State Park SoilThe park sits on the former site of Times Beach, a St. Louis County town that was shut down due to dioxin contamination in the early 1990s.

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