TIAM: CNN's Candy Crowley, Mike Shannon, Best Of Missouri & The Peabody Opera HouseCandy Crowley will speak with former V.P. Dick Cheney this weekend. Mike Shannon and Ron Jacober talked Cardinal baseball and the Best Of Missouri Market is this weekend!
TIAM: Markets (Up Or Down)? President Obama Raising $ Mike Shannon & Your SiblingsWill the markets rebound after last week's terrible numbers? CBS' Jill Schlesinger talked with us. Paul Brandus spoke with us about President Obama's fund raising trip out west. Mike Shannon on the Cardinals and Jeffrey Kluger explains why Mom always liked you best.
TIAM: Women Of Worth, Candy Crowley, Mike Shannon & Pan Am's Kelli GardnerWomen of Worth. Candy Crowley goes over the latest GOP debate. Mike Shannon and Tom Ackerman talk Cardinal baseball. Pan Am star Kelli Garner.
TIAM: Where Will The Markets Go? President Obama Tries Again, Mike & The Cardinals & Steve & The Emmy AwardsJill looks at the markets for the week. Paul looks at the President. Mike looks at the Cardinals. Steve looks at the Emmy Awards.
TIAM: Candy Crowley On Congress, Mike Shannon On The Phillies & Windows 8 Is ComingCongress drops in the polls again. Windows 8 is coming. But when? Mike Shannon previews this weekend's series against the Phillies.
TIAM: CNN's Candy Crowley, Mike Shannon And Ridley Pearson & Dave BarryCNN's Candy Crowley spoke with us. Mike Shannon & Tom Ackerman talked about the Cardinal sweep and Doug conversed with Ridley Pearson and Dave Barry about their new book.
TIAM: Wall St. Today? West Wing Report, Mike Shannon & Ticket PricesWill Wall Street open today? President Obama wants to make an appointment. Mike Shannon on the Cardinal win and why ticket prices are so darn high.
TIAM: Candy Crowley, Mike Shannon, SceneTap App.CNN's Candy Crowley joined us. Mike & Tom talked Cardinal baseball. Cole Harper has a great new app called "SceneTap".
TIAM: Moammar & The Markets, Mike Shannon & Penn Jillette!Libya's rebels cause the stock futures to go up. President Obama continues to vacation on Martha's Vineyard. Mike Shannon on the Cardinals and Penn Jillette joins us to talk about his new book.
TIAM: Candy CrowleyCNN's Candy Crowley talked politics with us. With the markets still in turmoil we did some hand holding with Chuck Jaffe of MarketWatch. Mike Shannon and Tom Ackerman talked baseball and the importance of this weekend's series against the Cubs.
TIAM: Market Wrap, Road Trip, Mike Shannon & Air TravelWe look at the markets with Jill Schlesinger. Paul Brandus gets on the bus with President Obama. Mike Shanon on the Cardinals. Reporter Scott Mayerowitz traveled over 8,000 air miles in one week on purpose!