Lawmakers Say Missouri Inmates Should Keep Cable TV ChannelsThe committee largely opposed the idea, saying the inmates earned the money and the cable could be used as a disciplinary tool by being turned off.
Poll Shows Voters Want to Decide on Public Money for StadiumHouse Budget Chairman says he will block any money in the state budget for payments on a new stadium unless approved by voters.
Death From Caffeine Powder Prompts New Laws in IllinoisA state Senator says one teaspoon of caffeine powder is like 25 cups of coffee.
Illinois Gov. Turns Up the Heat On Pension ReformIllinois Gov. Pat Quinn is turning up the heat in an attempt to speed up pension reform.
Missouri Bill Would Make It Harder To Get UnemploymentEmployees fired for missing work and for disobeying company rules could have a harder time claiming unemployment benefits.
Missouri GOPs At Odds Over What To do With Extra MoneyAfter coping through several lean years, Missouri's Republican leaders now are at odds over whether to save or spend an excess of money.
Missouri Republicans Want to Cap State Spending with Constitutional Amendment"If you don't limit spending all you're going to see is bigger problems down the road," Sen. Brad Lager said.
Illinois Lawmaker Calls It Quits One Year EarlyKevin McCarthy says decision is "right for his family".

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