Overnight America: October 1, 2012 - Gabby Douglas, Trisha Goddard, Kevin Wheeler
Opinion: Olympic Gold To Celebrate The 40th Anniversary Of Title IXAs we celebrate these women's victories we must remember that Title IX created the opportunities for women to succeed in sports. When progressives push for public policy changes, that is what we seek: not guaranteed outcomes but guaranteed access.
Overnight America: Dan O'Brien, Jennifer Jolly, Susan Weaver
Overnight America: Anne Devereaux, Jackie Hoyner Kersee, Tia Mowry
Overnight America: Kerri Strug, Dave Lifton
Olympic Torch Has Joyous Victory Lap Thru London
Organizers Display SKorea Flag Instead of NKorea
Fencing Champ Zagunis to be US Olympic Flag Bearer
Clinton Urges IOC to Commemorate Munich MassacreA diplomatic source familiar with the letter said Clinton urged the IOC to reverse its decision not to mark the 40th anniversary of the tragedy at Friday's opening ceremony in London.
US Women Open Olympics with 4-2 Win over France
Munich Widows Call for Olympic Ceremony ProtestAnkie Spitzer and Ilana Romano are demanding that London organizers recognize their husbands' deaths and honor them at Olympic Stadium 40 years after the slayings.
Overnight America: Cy Curnin, Dominic Dawes, Victoria Stillwell

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