Charlie Brennan - Tuesday, June 19thCharlie talks with Food Writer Mark Bittman about his new book, Leafy Greens; with KMKOX Host John Hancock about a City Earnings Tax issue; with Author Jonathan Sarna about why General Grant expelled the Jews; with with Cary Funk about new research showing the biggest wave of migrants is now Asian.
Charlie Brennan - Thursday, February 2ndCharlie talks with GOP Presidential Hopeful Rick Santorum; with Bob Soutier with the STL Labor Council about right-to-work; with USA Mortgage's Doug Schukar about Obama's plan to help people who are "under water" with their home mortgages; and with UC-San Francisco Prof. Dr. Claire Brindis and NY Times Food Columnist Mark Bittman about whether sugar should be controlled.
Charlie Brennan - Tuesday, March 15thCharlie talks with Nuclear Engineering Professor Dr. Arvind Kumar about how safe is nuclear power, with Bob Costas about his upcoming Bob Costas Benefit for Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital, and with NY Times Food Writer and Bestselling Author Mark Bittman about agricultural subsidies.

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