New Enforcement Policies Take Effect at NCAA
CBS Sports: Emmert Calls Summit to Discuss Changes in D-I
CBS Sports: Look for Division 4 to Revolutionize College Athletics
Paterno Lawyer Says Estate to Sue N.C.A.A.
NCAA Announces Problems with Miami Investigation
Money for College Athletes: Not If, But How
Trustees: Sanctions Better than Football BanA University spokesman said the potential for a four-year ban on playing football was floated during discussions between Penn State President Rodney Erickson and NCAA officials.
For Big-budget Penn St, Fine Not as Big as SeemsThe Penn State athletic department had more than $116 million in revenue to more than $84 million in expenses for the 2010-11 school year.
Penn St Fined $60M, Wins Vacated from '98-11
Penn State to Respond to NCAA Demand within Days
NCAA Boss Won't Rule Out Death Penalty for Penn St
Playoff Dollars Could Spark Calls to Pay PlayersEven before the plan had a presidential seal of approval, a group of former and current athletes was pushing for some of the newfound wealth to be spent on player safety and health.

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