Local Business Owners and Industry Experts Discuss Taxes with Department of Revenue Business owners and other industry experts complained to a Senate tax committee on the Nixon administration's changing tax rules without advanced notice.
Capitol Perspectives: Tax Cut TacticsThe history of the tax-cut fight between Gov. Nixon and the legislature raises questions of hidden tactics at play.
Court Considers Joint Tax Filings from Gay CouplesOfficials don't know whether any same-sex couples have filed joint Missouri tax returns since Gov. Jay Nixon directed the Revenue Department last fall to permit it for those legally married in another state.
Kansas Fan Wins Case Over 'MZU SUX' License PlateThe Revenue Department had issued the plate, but tried to recall it on the ground that "SUX" is obscene. Gettler presented evidence that the word has gained common usage.
Capitol Perspectives: Government Gag OrdersA statehouse colleague of mine recently wrote about being blocked from access to a tax expert in the state Revenue Department for a story she was pursuing.

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