Mothers Against Drunk Driving Aren't Against Driverless CarsThe head of Mothers Against Drunk Driving has come out in favor of driverless car technology.
Survey: 3/4 of High Schoolers Say They Don't Drink AlcoholA new survey, sponsored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), finds most high school students say they don't drink alcohol.
"He Needs to Hear What Our Lives Have Been Like" - Parole Hearing for Zoo Drunk DriverThree years ago, Angie Maue sat in the same room as her son's killer to explain why Robert Robertson should remain locked-up.
MADD Responds To Super Bowl Beer Ad Study A new study in the journal Pediatrics warns that high school sophomores with drinking problems may have been influenced by ads as early as the seventh grade.
MADD Reaches Out To NFL With Little SuccessMothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has an agreement with the National Football League to educate its players about the dangers of impaired driving.
Father Calls for Crackdown on Drunk DriversHis son died when a drunk driver hit his son's car.
MADD Gives Illinois Its Highest RatingState earns praise for its crackdown on drunk driving.
Drunk Driving Deaths and Injuries Down -- Two Years After Ignition Lock LawMothers Against Drunk Driving wants the devices for all first-time offenders.

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