Analysis Offers New Clues in Woman's 1985 Death in MissouriThe Cass County Sheriff's Office now believes the woman was African-American and not white as investigators long thought.
Former Airman Pleads Guilty to Possession of Child PornHe faces more then 25 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.
FBI Identifies Alleged Child Molester John Doe 27The FBI says they have tracked down a child sex predator known only as "John Doe 27". He is somewhere in the Midwest.
FBI Seeking Unknown Man in Child Pornography VideoFBI St. Louis spokeswoman Rebecca Wu says while investigators don't know if the video is recent or old, it doesn't really matter.
Efforts To Fight Child Sex Trafficking Hit Unexpected Roadblock Top law enforcement officers across the country are pushing Congress for greater authority to go after a booming online industry that hosts ads for child sex traffickers. But they are encountering opposition from an unexpected source — conservative state lawmakers who fear a government clamp down on Internet businesses.

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