Overnight America Podcast: April 29th, 2015 - Care International, Niall Stanage, Rob Ross
Nepal Disaster Raises Concerns for New Madrid FaultThe massive earthquake in Nepal on Saturday has raised concerns of what would happen if a major quake would hit the New Madrid Fault.
Missouri Mother: 3 Sons OK on Everest After EarthquakeTwo Missouri brothers and another from Florida are stranded but safe after a deadly weekend earthquake rocked portions of Nepal during the siblings' "bucket list'' quest to scale Mount Everest, the brothers' mother said.
Missouri Man Survives Earthquake While On Nepal MountainDan Nash of Springfield was climbing the 27,000 foot high Cho Oyo mountain when the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck.
Leopard Reportedly Kills 15 People In Nepalese VillageA leopard is reportedly behind the deaths of 15 people in a Nepalese village.

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