Little Sisters of the Poor to Close North St. Louis HomeAfter operating for 147 years, Little Sisters of the Poor will withdraw from their residence in north St. Louis.
Group Trying to Save Former Suburban St. Louis ConventA group of neighbors is pressing to persuade the University of Missouri in St. Louis to reconsider plans to tear down a convent.
Nuns to March after Suing Chicago-Area Strip ClubNuns will be hitting the street in suburban Chicago for a march they hope will force a strip club next door to close.
'Love Thy Neighbor'? Nuns Sue Nearby Strip ClubSister Noemia Silva says the nuns "hear the music when they're praying'' and they're fighting for the club to close.
Nuns Ask Congress: "Clean-Up Radioactive Waste"A group of nuns wants Congress to authorize a total cleanup of radioactive material at the West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton.
Opinion: Paul Ryan's Dish Washing Is As Fake As Romney/Ryan Budget MathIf you want to know what an empty, meaningless political photo opportunity is look at Congressman Paul Ryan's drop by at a food bank last week in Youngstown, Ohio.
US Nuns Consider Response To Vatican Censure At a pivotal national meeting, members of the largest group for American nuns have been weighing whether they should accept or challenge a Vatican order to reform.
Kevin Killeen's Whole 'nother Story -- Nun Convention Nuns discuss what they do for fun and the secret of their youthful glow

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